The unique proposition of connecting and representing interests leads to very special and unusual processes, in which it proved difficult to find good support. The amount of data increased in terms of relationships, contacts, initiatives, subsidy schemes, et cetera. Basically everything that NMT is involved with has become more and more extensive in recent years.

Over the years, a collection of applications has emerged in the IT landscape to support that function, such as an email program, an ERP system, a CRM system, a financial package, specific knowledge-sharing programs in the market, et cetera. Despite everything, the use of Excel still predominates.

NMT felt it was making insufficient use of the possibilities that IT technology had offered up to that time. NMT presented Nimble with the challenge of supporting her strategically and also taking a role in the execution.


The challenge for NMT – and therefore Nimble – is that the way in which membership information is handled, the way in which the deployment of employees must be accounted for to members and, for example, subsidy providers is unique in the market. Until then, an EAP system with a CRM solution had been used, but this did not provide any insight into the data. So there was no such need for a management system as for a system that supports the processes.

In addition, NMT wanted to realize one truth. An important challenge due to the diversity of applications for the small organization that still kept a dozen applications up and running with all separate databases.


By mapping the processes and relating them to the supporting applications in the IT architecture, a picture has been created of the completeness and correctness of the applications. The databases and also the holes (the so-called gaps) that were still present in the architecture have been mapped.

Subsequently, with the help of BPMN, a new process-driven CRM application was developed that simultaneously connects all information in the organization. So the BPMN-based CRM solution has also established an API network through the APIs and intusions of MailPlus, Accountview, et cetera. A real best of breed solution, the best of each application is used and data is stored centrally.


The resulting solution enables the organization to execute data within one and the same platform, from the first registration of a member up to and including the implementation of member events and the registration and approval of activities supported by European subsidies that require time registration.

There is an overview of current projects. All members and its employees are transparent for the entire organization. And a personal approach to managing contacts is made possible by a tailor-made CRM.

  • Implementation of a best of breed structure with a single source of truth
  • Decrease in search times
  • Improvement of the correctness of the subsidy administration
  • Realize the importance of processes
Visual uren registratie NMTVisual uren registratie NMT
NMT visual project overzichtNMT visual project overzicht