Interactive implementation of the OV chip-card

During the implementation of the public transport chip card, there was a great challenge for the supervising body to introduce the public transport chip card system to the various public transport providers.

The system as we still know it today is characterized by a central chip, which can be read by different parties, in different house styles, different gates, with different underlying contracts, et cetera.

Nimble was not involved in the development of the concept, but was asked to solve a complex issue related to connecting new public transport companies.


The challenge for Translink was being able to offer an integrated combination of products and associated processes and services, which a transporter to be connected must set up.


To achieve this, an interactive process services matrix has been set up, which functions as a menu for the public transport companies. The public transport company can select which services it wants to offer to its customers – often this is a selection from the total package – and a work package card is created on that basis. This includes planning over time, on the basis of which the public transport company can offer the chip cards and all related attributes, such as issuing points, ticket offices, chip devices, chip cards and layouts, over time.

The offered solution also generated an implementation plan and interactive checklist, so that a direct grip could be kept on the implementation time with regard to the public transport company, partly because this was in the interest of Translink in terms of controlling that implementation.


The result is a very concrete application that enabled Translink to introduce the implementation of the public transport chip card at the various public transport companies. To monitor both the translation of services into processes and products, as well as the planning, progress monitoring and evaluation.