Value Exploration

The Value Exploration is an innovative concept that supports organizations in realizing their digital vision. This approach carefully analyzes existing processes to identify where they are efficient and where there is room for improvement. Through this method, organizations not only gain insight into their digital processes, but also lay a solid foundation for successful digitization.

Value Exploration

The goal of the Value Exploration is to see where we can add value in your organization. To determine this, we have developed a proven format in which we help you add value to your organization.

During the first day of the Value Exploration, we start by interviewing the SME team. The SME team is carefully composed based on various criteria. After assembling the SME team and conducting the interviews, we continue with the Gemba Walk. We go through the process step by step, starting at the point closest to the customer. The goal of the Gemba Walk is to connect managers and executives with the work on the work floor, so that they can see with their own eyes what is going well and where improvement is possible/ necessary.

On the second day, together with the SME team, we map out the entire process in a Brown Paper session. Here we follow this specific order:

  • Current state
  • Ideal state
  • Burden thermometer
  • Future state
  • Improvements allocation
  • Ease/Impact matrix

Based on the previous points, we identify quick wins and draw up a concrete step-by-step plan to achieve profits as quickly as possible.

On the last day of the Value Exploration, we present the results, go deeper into future actions and discuss the progress of the step-by-step plan drawn up from the previous session. The advice that follows can range from the implementation of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to training sessions on ownership. Since every organization is unique, every organization receives tailor-made advice. At the end of the Value Exploration, your organization has a concrete plan, so you can start immediately. 

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