Value Exploration. What is it?

Value Exploration

The purpose of a Value Exploration is to determine what value can be added to your company. In order to determine this, Nimble has developed a proven format, which includes the following:

Collecting individual knowledge → Interviews are conducted with all teams involved in order to determine the end‑to‑end process.

Making opportunities visible within the organisation → A number of observations and insights are made during an on‑site session with the customer. The current state and the ideal state are identified. An assessment is conducted in order to determine where losses occur, for example, tasks that take a lot of time (this is a priority in digitalisation), and what problems, trouble areas and delays there are in the process that can or should be adjusted to become more efficient.

The perfect picture → After assessing all of the steps and identifying visible opportunities, the future state is defined; where we want to go. Once this has been elaborated, an action list is created and the actions are plotted on an “Ease of impact matrix”. This matrix consists of 4 quadrants; impact of change (high/low) and difficulty of adaptation (high/low). This forms the basis for a digital roadmap/action plan.

Achieving value → Determining where value can be added and what Nimble can do to realise this. Where do we begin, what processes are involved, what technology do we use and which people are involved. The Value Exploration provides a concrete answer on where we can start the next day and add value to the organisation.

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