The way to put postponed tasks into action, and achieve the goals of your organization!


You are probably familiar with the situation: there are tasks that need to be carried out, but no one really seems to find the time for it. This often includes setting up or adapting processes and testing digital changes. The days are already busy by nature and then these tasks still have to be crammed in. Although everyone sees its value, regular work remains the priority. A hackathon is the way to tackle these challenges.

How does this work?

A team of ambassadors will work for three days under the guidance of Nimble. During these days, various tasks are tackled and completed within a strict time schedule. In addition to these crucial tasks, team building also plays a role during the hackathon, which contributes to a strong team bond.

Within this setting, decisions are made instantly, resulting in quick decision-making without endless discussions. The focus of the hackathon is to achieve a higher efficiency and to encourage unity. Every team member is encouraged to take responsibility, as ownership is encouraged at every level. Ultimately, the management teams will have to validate the proposed changes.

What does Nimble offer in this process?

We facilitate the program, set the agenda and offer support where necessary. The hackathon is a pressure cooker in which rapid progress is made in the desired direction. It is not uncommon for immediately usable end solutions to be realized in this intensive collaboration.

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