Hackathon. What is it?


You know the drill, there are tasks that need to be done, but no one has the time or makes time for it. Processes need to be elaborated or amended, or digital changes need to be tested. Your days are already full and this still needs to be completed between tasks. Everyone sees the value, yet regular tasks take precedence.

We can help using a Hackathon process! A proven concept by Nimble.

A team of ambassadors, led by Nimble, go to work for three days. The tasks are completed by the team within a strict timeline. In addition to the important and necessary tasks, time is also made for teambuilding, in order to create a cohesive team.

Decisions need be made immediately in order to avoid endless discussions. The focus of the hackathon is to generate efficiency and create solidarity. Everyone must demonstrate ownership, as everyone on the team will have ownership. Finally, management must validate these changes.

What does Nimble do in this process?

We facilitate the programme, plan the agenda and provide support where needed. The hackathon is a pressure cooker, in which major steps are taken towards the desired direction. It is not unusual for final solutions to be immediately implemented.

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