Proof of Concept

Is what we promise really achievable? We prove this in a Proof of Concept. This can be realized in various ways, depending on the requirements and wishes in your organization.

Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept (POC) is a practical demonstration in which a concept, idea or technology is tested to demonstrate feasibility and functionality.

The concept is verified by making an actual realization and testing the idea/concept in practice. Think of creating a part of an application, establishing a data connection or starting a project in a more complex organization. All examples of a POC.

The result serves as proof to stakeholders that the concept works as intended. After evaluation, it can be decided whether further development is justified. 

Apart from a POC, an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) can also be delivered, this can be seen as a working version of, for example, a digital business platform or low-code application that meets at least the minimum requirements. This is a finished product that the organization can actually work with.

The great thing about a POC/MVP is that it reduces risks and can inform your organization about decision-making in innovation and development.

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