Strategy Exploration

The Strategy Exploration is an innovative concept that supports organizations in realizing their digital vision. It starts with the Value exploration, and extends to the concrete creation of a Proof of Concept (POC). From concept to concrete implementation, this joint approach leads step by step to the realization of your digital strategy.

Strategy Exploration

With the Strategy Exploration we guide your organization to make people, processes and technologies work together effectively. The ultimate goal is to discover the optimal digital strategy for your organization.

Digitizing with the help of a strategy sounds devious, but it is in fact a concrete way to actually realize ideas and connect the people, processes and technology. By and with the right people, a multi-year strategy is determined in a number of iterations.

With this strategy you touch on issues such as the revenue model, the business processes, the deployment of personnel (reducing the dependence on this) and making the right choices from modern and proven technology to a concrete plan of action. Together we determine step by step how the digital strategy can be realized. Nimble is not only limited to drawing up the strategy, but we also ensure its successful realization. We do this on the basis of proven methods, a highly experienced team and technologies.

The Strategy Exploration goes through four phases. In the first and second phase, the Value Exploration is most important. Phase 1 includes the necessary preparations, including assembling an SME team, initiating a kick-off and conducting interviews with the SME team. In phase 2, the processes are mapped out in collaboration with the SME team, whereby the current, future and ideal state are determined. These phases lay the foundation for the next steps.

Phase 3 focuses on the preparation of digitization and setting up a Proof of Concept (POC). Based on the insights from phases 1 and 2, a digitization plan is drawn up. In the fourth phase, this plan is implemented and the POC is developed for the product. The next steps are also discussed at this stage.


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