Nimble SmartLayer Technologie

Nimble SmartLayer Technology

Ideal: the layer to fill the gap between low code and customer applications with strong user experience (UX).

A building platform that allows you to build scalable applications at lightning speed, with a fully customisable user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). We call in the Nimble SmartLayer. It can be used to create a new layer, stand‑alone or on top of an existing application. The new layer perfectly fills the “gaps” in the current IT landscape with one or more applications. Think of integrating systems (with or without the intervention of business logic), launching and executing workflows and creating “slick and smooth” applications, for both internal and external users. Moreover, Nimble SmartLayer ensures that all forms of data analysis, data manipulation and data monitoring can be displayed in a clear and simple visual manner. It is a game changer, because everyone immediately understands it!

We were able to conceptualise Nimble SmartLayer, thanks to our experience with both low‑code platforms and complex high‑code structures. We wanted to create a useable and manageable middle ground, a tool that provides building blocks for developers, with complete freedom for customisation. This way, developers can easily use all of the building blocks, as well as the possibilities to integrate them. And, always maintaining the flexibly that is normally available with complicated high‑code. It works extremely well.

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