A standard application, with a unique user experience, adaptable to your organization.

Smartlayer is a modern tool that makes it easy to build scalable apps. The unique thing is that you, as a customer, have complete freedom to customize the user experience and appearance completely to the wishes of your organization. With Smartlayer, you can choose to create a new layer on top of existing apps or create standalone apps. This gives you the opportunity to fill exactly the 'gaps' that are still in your current IT system, in the way that best suits your needs.


Key elements of Smartlayer

Extreme user experience

With Smartlayer your employees will benefit from the most attractive and intuitive user experience ever seen in business software.

Integrated for value

The Smartlayer concept is all about adding value. Employees experience your organizations applications, databases and processes in one single integrated smart layer.

Made to fit

While the possibilities of Smartlayer are endless, your setup focusses on an exact fit with your organizations processes.

The development of Smartlayer

When we discovered the potential of low-code in terms of speed and efficiency in application development, we were excited about the opportunity to take this technology to the next level. We wanted to maintain not only speed and efficiency, but also the ability to create personalized web applications. This led to the concept of Smartlayer: a powerful platform that combines the speed of low-code with the extensive possibilities of personalized web applications. It all started with a specific case for which we developed Smartlayer. The response was very positive, which inspired us to further expand the idea into a versatile and scalable product from Nimble.

Possibilities Smartlayer

Examples of Smartlayer

Client management

Managing customers request, from request to signed order. Including preferences, agenda’s ERP integration.

Branche management

A self-service portal for an association. Managing a trade organization, optimizing value added activities and data quality.

Financial management

Project developers use Smartlayer for control over processes, cash flow and risk management.

Manufacturing industry management

Total paperless in the management, production and governance of complex machinery for global customers.

Supply chain industry management

AI-driven supply chain for extracting (SAP) data and continuously updating complex planning, multiple factories.

Fleet management

Fleet management and integrated customer support, for fleets of thousands of assets on European territory.

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