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RPA (UIPATH) Developer / Consultant

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Nimble is looking for

A curious kid who dislikes manual/repetitive work, eager to learn something new in digitalisation.

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Let us introduce ourselves first.

Nimble is embodied by a young and vibrant team of smart people that work hard and know how to celebrate successes well together. What we do is very diverse, and that diversity must attract you. We are a business consultancy club with in-depth and broad knowledge about different technologies – like RPA, AI and low-code business platforms. With these, we create solutions for process optimisation through automation and digitalisation.

We have a broad scope of customers. We have clients in health care, government, trade, automotive and production. We don’t have preferences and don’t shy away from challenges. In fact, our drive is to challenge the establishment and do better.

Together with our clients, we look for added value by tackling and improving the culture, work processes and the level of digitisation. Every client is unique, so we never perform the same trick twice. What we always do though, is connect people, processes and technology with a focus on continuous improvement.

Are you capable of grasping the complexity of people and business processes quickly? Do you know a bit of what the world of digitisation has to offer, or do you want to learn about it? If yes, we should definitely meet. So don’t leave us hanging here and let us know by filling out the application form below. We can’t wait to get to know you!

Plan your hours at your own discretion

Ridiculously cool colleagues

Plenty of space for professional dreams

Multidisciplinary, international projects

Still interested? Great! We're looking for a

RPA (UiPath) Developer / Consultant

For starters: you don't need to be an experienced RPA developer to have this role at Nimble. We'd love to give you some time and facilities to learn all the skills you need as an RPA developer. The most important requirement is that you are curious about digitalisation and process improvement and are eager to learn RPA development.

In this role, you will get the opportunity to explore your possibilities as an RPA developer beyond the building itself. After you finished the basic developer course in the UiPath Academy, you can build RPA’s, but in this role you can use that as a foundation for much more. If you’re interested of course.
For one of our clients, you will be involved the total development, implementation and hypercare of deliverables. This requires knowledge and understanding of Robotics in business scenario’s as well as an analytical eye for processes, structures, and the needs within the organisation. All combined, we strive for service and technology combined: a consultant who can develop him/herself. Besides, you should be able to manage your own work in a professional way, work independently and keep good overview to stay on track.

Note: (Again,) If you did not (yet) complete the UiPath Developer course, but are very interested in learning this technology, please contact us anyway!

Need to have:

  • Strong dislike for manual, repetitive work
  • Seeking opportunities to streamline processes
  • Self-taught
  • Eager to learn new digitalisation skills
  • Good social skills
  • Good ability to work independently

Nice to have:

  • Completed UiPath Academy (RPA Developer Foundation)
  • Some experience in applying RPA with UiPath

Language skills:

  • Dutch
  • English

“As an RPA developer, you free your clients’ employees from their boring repetitive work. Therefore, you are always welcomed with a big smile at organisations.”

– Stefan Veenstra, RPA Lead Developer at Nimble

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Do you have any further questions? Or would you like to hear us out first? Call Marco van Pijkeren on +31 (0) 6 2707 4766.

Are you excited enough to get yourself a spot at our table? Don’t leave us hanging in here and quickly fill out the form below. We’re very curious about you and how you can make Nimble even better and brighter!

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