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Intelligent Business Process Management Suites

Use iBPMS to take your process management efforts to the next level with more advanced analysis, cloud capabilities and complex event processing.

Use iBPMS to support and create business workflow solutions

Intelligent Business Process Management Software (iBPMS) is an integrated group of technologies that work together to better support business processes. By utilising artificial intelligence combined with standard business process management software, iBPMS creates a dynamic, agile system. Organisations can use this system to create workflow solutions that automate and transform their day-to-day processes. iBPMS is crucial to the success of a company’s digital transformation efforts. In comparison to other, similar software, it offers more flexibility to change. This makes it the superior and smarter automatisation software for creating dynamic workflow solutions that anticipate the needs of today and adapt to the demands of tomorrow.

iBPMS is a set of tools that harmonises people, machines and assets, and supports the traditional requirements for business process management. But these technologies offer much more:


iBPMS lead the way to intelligence and support of business- and sector-specific processes.


A greater degree of cooperation during the process, which raises acceptance and leads to change and improvement within the current processes.


Integration support for middleware and back-end tech, which allows organisations to quickly market new proposals.


iBPM software facilitates a process-driven way of working. It integrates all resources involved in the process, offers content and HR management, analytics, business rules, connectivity, and activity logs.

Automation of business processes

BPA is an important part of iBPMS. It helps organisations with automating repetitive tasks or processes. It offers a broad range of benefits, like boosting productivity and cost reduction, real-time diagnostics, and more transparency.


Using low-code tools allows us to train people already present within an organisation to develop business solutions. These so-called Citizen Developers can create innovative applications by way of an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Improved decision making

With an intelligent business process management suite, data is automatically collected and analysed in real-time. Functions like Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) allow organisations to implement Service Level Agreement (SLA) signals.

Improved collaboration

iBPM solutions allow organisations to streamline traditionally inefficient communication channels like those used for manual approval processes. This saves time and money, but also stimulates a broader acceptance throughout the business.

API integration

Modern organisations rely on a range of powerful third-party applications and platforms to deliver their products and services. iBPM offers an API-driven architecture that allows businesses to integrate their solutions.

Managing business rules

iBPMS is used to define, implement, execute, guard and manage business rules. These rules are crucial to the automatisation process as they specify organisational goals and offer guidelines for the execution of processes.