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Model and build low-code applications with Bizagi suite to enable agile software development and democratise technology.

Use Bizagi to visually represent processes to spot bottlenecks and improve efficiency

Bizagi is a tool we use to visualise processes to improve efficiency. Bizagi consists of two components: Bizagi Modeler and Bizagi Studio. In Bizagi Modeler visually represents processes by way of process-based thinking. This process is then transformed in Bizagi Studio into a digital platform with intuitive drag-and-drop technology. It uses low-code methods, so no in-depth knowledge of programming languages is necessary. When the digital process is properly set up you will be able to produce a ready-to-go platform, after which the process efficiency improvement begins.

With Bizagi, we create solutions for repeating administrative tasks that many employees find not challenging enough and even boring at times. When correctly utilised, it’s possible to complete such tasks with just a push of a button. Bizagi works in the background to fill in the template for example. This leads to lower workloads, more efficiency and higher work happiness in employees.

Map out processes

Bizagi Modeler is a standardised model to properly visualise the process architecture and leads to business-wide knowledge of processes.

Develop Low-code

Bizagi makes it possible to develop software without mastery of any form of programming or coding. This makes Bizagi accessible to all kinds of business users. The drag-and-drop system is intuitive and puts the focus on the process instead of coding.

Improve efficiency

Automation and digitisation leads to fewer errors and a faster processing time. All extra actions that don’t add value are filtered out. This greatly reduces time waste.

How we use Bizagi Modeler and Bizagi Studio

Bizagi is also utilised in the manufacturing industry to make processes more efficient. In such cases, the production process is mapped out in Bizagi. This leads to proper insight into the process architecture. Bizagis simulation functionality makes bottlenecks visible and offers the possibility to add extra FTEs to simulate its effects on the results and efficiency.

Together, we implement process-based thinking at your workplaces. By looking through these glasses, you can input your own thoughts and ideas regarding processes. First we draw up the ‘as-is’ (current) situation, after which we make the ‘to-be’ (ideal) situation. This lets you decide what the important aspects of the applications should be and what should be emphasised.

Let’s get started with Bizagi together

By sharing our Bizagi knowledge, we present the opportunity for you to grasp the prospect of agile software development. Understanding the possibilities of Bizagi and low-code, and how it can be deployed within the organisation, leads to a better fit between the processes and applications. Can’t wait to get started? Contact one of our experts! Or check out or customer cases to see what we’ve already achieve with Bizagi.