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Time savings in logistics and purchasing

Implement time savings in the warehouse for a better overview and less errors in purchasing using automation and robotization of processes.



Make your warehouse less error-prone and more effective

Nimble helps warehouse employees to work more effectively so that they have a better overview and work less error-prone.

  • Process purchase documents with Robotic Process Automation

    Process purchase documents with Robotic Process Automation

    Processing purchase documents is a labor-intensive and error-prone process that many companies have to deal with. Fortunately, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology offers a solution to streamline this, improving efficiency and accuracy.

    For example, RPA can be used in a warehouse to automate the processing of purchase documents such as invoices, receipts and orders. Due to this technology, documents can be processed in a fast and accurate way, extracting relevant information and entering it into accounting systems or databases.

    An added benefit of RPA is that it easily integrates with existing systems, such as accounting programs and databases. This means that data from purchase documents can be processed directly into the system, without the need for manual entry.

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  • Track / update database suppliers with low-code and Robotic Process Automation

    Track / update database suppliers with low-code and Robotic Process Automation

    Managing and updating supplier databases can be a labor-intensive and complex task, especially for organizations that have large amounts of data and diverse suppliers. Fortunately, low-code and RPA solutions can be used to streamline and automate these tasks.

    For example, low-code applications can be used to store vendor data, update contact information, manage contracts and invoices, and generate reports.

    RPA can be applied to analyze incoming emails for vendor information and automatically process this data in the database. Low-code solutions can be developed to verify data and check for inaccuracies.

    The use of automation techniques, such as those offered by Nimble, provides numerous advantages. This includes time savings, cost reduction, reduction of human error and the ability to develop customized applications specifically adapted to the needs and requirements of a warehouse environment.

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  • Increased efficiency in freight transport using BPMN

    Increased efficiency in freight transport using BPMN

    For many companies, increasing efficiency is essential, especially in the areas of logistics and inventory management. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standardized approach to business process mapping and can be applied by Nimble to increase effectiveness in picking up and delivering goods for customers.

    BPMN can be used to visualize and optimize the various steps in the collection and delivery process of goods. This includes identifying the various tasks required to collect, package, transport and ultimately deliver the goods to the customer. Nimble can model this process using BPMN so that it can be optimized to increase efficiency and shorten lead times.

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