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Streamlining operations: Zwanenburg's project management optimization

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Zwanenburg stands at the forefront of innovative real estate projects, combining sustainability with functionality. Their approach is adventurous yet always aligned with the desires and needs of their clients. From small and daring individual solutions to large-scale area developments, Zwanenburg delivers on their promise: "A functional space that is not only beautiful and inviting but also fitting, innovative, original, future-proof, comfortable, and profitable."


Many of the so-called STIKOs and other project-related business processes at Zwanenburg were not managed in a central location and were documented in various Excel sheets. The result was inconsistency over time and less control and/or overview of the overall processes. Therefore, it was time to facilitate a platform where most business processes related to building (OPEX) and land exploitation (GREX) could be managed. It was crucial to involve the various layers within the company and to simplify navigation to access historical and current information between one or more projects.


In collaboration with Zwanenburg, we explored the needs to develop a consistent and clear platform, without overburdening it into a full-fledged accounting package. Within this platform, projects can be easily created, with everything calculated and supported graphically in real-time. We also added an implementation of Twinfield, allowing data within the SmartLayer app to be imported and compared with budgeted costs/revenues. This provides the ability to check if the project is still on schedule. Additionally, we added a convenient timeline where employees can indicate which phases are currently in progress and which ones are completed. At the project/location level, the app provides detailed insight into the current status.


After the implementation of the SmartLayer platform at Zwanenburg, significant improvements have been observed in the efficiency and effectiveness of their project management processes. Employees now experience substantial time savings, as all relevant information is centrally managed within the SmartLayer platform, eliminating the need to search through various Excel sheets. With real-time insight into project statuses on every type of device, from desktop to phone and iPad, employees have access to important information anytime, anywhere.

The new platform offers comprehensive analysis options and graphical visualizations, allowing Zwanenburg to present data easily and comprehensively. Furthermore, integration with Twinfield provides the ability to compare data with budgeted costs/revenues, enabling Zwanenburg to closely monitor whether projects are on track and meeting budgetary goals.

Finally, the functionality for reviewing and comparing historical projects enables Zwanenburg to learn from past experiences and best practices, facilitating their application to future projects.

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