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About Stijlpartner

Stijlpartner is an organization specialized in effortless and personalized home decoration. From the early stages of a construction project, Stijlpartner collaborates closely with project developers and contractors to be involved in the timely selection of flooring and window coverings. With a deep understanding of the specifics of each home, Stijlpartner provides a carefully curated preselection of flooring and window coverings. This allows customers to enjoy a seamless transition to their new home on the day of their move, with the confidence that everything is perfectly in place.



In Stijlpartner's order process, numerous tasks with little added value were time-consuming. The use of Exact for order and account management led to time wastage in data retrieval, and manually calculating prices meant that customers only knew the price of their order after an appointment. Customer variation caused inefficiency and limited online options for customers, resulting in a suboptimal process with room for improvement.



These challenges were addressed with the introduction of the SmartLayer portal, strategically linked to Stijlpartner's Exact core system. The portal revolutionized the experience for both Stijlpartner and customers. Previously costly manual tasks are now automated and streamlined. Customers have the ability to customize their order online, see the price instantly based on house dimensions, place the order, and schedule appointments digitally. The dashboard provides real-time insight into customer progress and automated processes, such as creating quotes, calculating prices, and scheduling appointments.



The SmartLayer portal makes ordering more accessible and faster for customers by providing direct access to options, prices, and online ordering capabilities. Stijlpartner has real-time insight into customer statuses through the new dashboard, simplifying order management. Results in Exact no longer need to be searched for. Manual tasks such as creating and sending quotes, calculating prices, and scheduling appointments have been automated. By taking these tasks off hands, the average order processing time at Stijlpartner has significantly decreased. Additionally, the likelihood of errors in the order process has greatly diminished, as these tasks are performed according to a fixed pattern. The line between the old, time-consuming situation and the new, efficient workflow is clearly drawn.

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