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Pluryn supports young people and adults in increasing their chances of achieving the fullest and most independent position possible in society. Young people and adults come to Pluryn for treatment and support: both at home and in facilities for disabled care, youth care and mental health care. Learning, working and leisure activities are part of the healthcare.



There were a number of challenges within Pluryn; there are several overlapping software systems in use, there is a lack of focus on business architecture, the dependence on software suppliers is high and there is no interaction with previous IT investments.



One of the problems that took up a lot of time was the lack of a correct and simple registration of (technical) defects in all possible areas of Pluryn. All rooms and buildings are therefore identified with QR codes. This way, an employee can scan a QR code and indicate a problem (for example a broken window). In addition, a handling process has been developed. Depending on the situation and urgency, for example, a price is requested or immediate action is taken.



Ultimately, 1,000 buildings were fully mapped and each room was equipped with a QR code. This way, registration and troubleshooting is faster and more efficient. In addition, there is more flexibility in the IT landscape and processes. There is continuous improvement through the Learning@Work concept, employees are trained to make improvements themselves so that dependency is lower.


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