Robotic Process Automation

A quick solution for Van der Veen & Kromhout

About Van der Veen & Kromhout

Van der Veen & Kromhout is an accountancy and consulting firm located in Gorredijk with over 45 years of experience. With a team of more than 125 enthusiastic accountants and advisors who want to help businesses achieve their goals and plans. Van der Veen & Kromhout provides advice in areas such as finance and IT, annual account audits, bookkeeping, and company valuations.



Within Van der Veen & Kromhout, many PDF files are sent and stored. These files need to be checked and client information needs to be verified in order to ultimately place the Van der Veen & Kromhout watermark on each PDF file. The process for placing the watermark looks like this:

Check the type of PDF file

Find the appropriate watermark for this type of file

Check client information (customer number, Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number, and year)

Check if this information is already in the database

If so, add the appropriate watermark to this file

Put the edited file in the final folder

Repeat for all files

This set of actions was carried out using a software package. However, the contract for this software package was terminated due to an internal misunderstanding with the supplier. For this reason, Van der Veen & Kromhout needed a solution to continue the process of checking and verifying PDFs in a short period of time. Therefore, Nimble quickly went to work creating a solution to address these issues.



The first approach that came to mind was to create a solution in the field of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). However, creating an RPA program can be quite time-consuming, making it difficult to implement a solution in the short timeframe. For this reason, Nimble chose to develop a script that automates the entire process.

Our solution is an automated computer program, created using Python and ReGex, that takes care of all tasks within the process. This program can check the type of file for each PDF, check client information, add watermarks, and finally put the file in the correct folder.



The program that Nimble created in a short period of time was able to ensure that the process could be completely automated until the misunderstanding about the software package was resolved.

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