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Vibe is setting the future fundament

Learning from the past & prep for the future!


About Vibe

Vibe Group, founded in 2011, is a fast-growing international IT staffing and consulting organization located in Amsterdam (headquarters), Belgium and Germany. Vibe is committed to creating the future of IT.



The company's rapid growth over the past decade makes it challenging for employees and processes to keep pace. For the company to grow efficiently and effectively over the next decade, Vibe Group must reflect on the changes of recent years. This can feel uncomfortable in a challenging market, but sometimes you must take a step back to take two steps forward. 
As the organization grows, managing the process landscape becomes increasingly difficult. To date, many of the internal requirements, such as reporting needs, applicable laws and regulations, controls and/or stakeholder management, have not been properly documented. This increases the importance of a well-maintained process landscape.



The focus for Vibe is on the process Search-to-Match, which is a subprocess of the Hire-to-Retire process. It is of interest to identify the processes as-is of the Sales and Backoffice (department called: Sales & Business Services). In this way the norm will be set to step up to the future state and proceed with improvements in this process. 



The company and its employees need to be aware of the as-is situation and hereby set the norm of the business operations. With this norm Vibe group can set the foundation of their future state. It is necessary for Vibe to focus on their processes and visually represent these in a structured way. This is done by making use of the BPMN-notation which is supported by Bizagi. Nimble gained Vibe group the knowledge of BPMN and supports to set the foundation of the Future Fundament of Vibe group.


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