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3 to 12 players


About ezelen

Ezelen (eey-suh-luhn) is a shedding game where speed is an important factor. It is similar to ‘Burro’, but played with a standard deck of cards instead of Spanish-type cards. It’s a very simple, but popular game played by kids, students and adults of all ages.

The pack

Ezelen is played with a few sets of cards of the same value, corresponding to the amount of players in the game. For example, when playing with five people you can choose to play with the aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens.

The objective

The goal of the game is to collect all four cards of the same value.

The deal

The cards are shuffled and dealt so all players have four cards. Players are not allowed to show their hand.

The play

Once the game starts, players synchronously pass one card to the player at their left. This is done at a reasonably high pace (once every three seconds or so). While trying to keep the pace, players should decide which cards they’re going to collect. Depending on what cards are getting passed to them, it’s possible to make a calculated guess which cards other players are collecting. Players’ strategies can be shifted using this information.

If a player can’t keep up with the pace and fumbles a card for example, they are warned by the rest. If this happens for a second time, they lose the round.

Once a player has collected four of a kind, they should give a predetermined signal. Usually, this is done by (covertly) putting the tip of their thumb on the table. As soon as a player does this, other players should follow. The last player to do so gets a letter (E), until someone gets four letters (E – Z – E – L). This player loses the game, and become the ‘ezel’ (donkey or burro).

Sometimes, the ‘ezel’ has to do a certain task, thought of by the other players. They could have to do a little dance, sing a song or something else.