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The power of citizen development


Citizen development is the development of applications by company employees without any coding experience. This means they are both the users and developers of the final product. This is not a new concept, but more and more organisations are realising how powerful the potential impact of citizen developers is. According to a recent Gartner report, as many as 61 percent of the organisations surveyed are planning to or already starting citizen development initiatives.

Why is the demand for citizen development growing?

The digitisation of companies is growing out of its infancy. 40 percent of CIOs have achieved scaling for their digital goals. That is more than twice as much as in 2018! The result of a more mature digital business formula is an endless stream of IT requests. Research shows that 77 percent of IT executives and 71 percent of business executives agree that IT teams are inundated with requests. These often end up stuck in the pipeline. In addition to keeping the organisation running in the technological field, IT specialists are also under pressure to modernise the existing digital infrastructure.

From a business perspective, we increasingly see users who solve their problems by putting a proverbial band-aid on an open wound. This is called shadow IT. Gigantic amounts of excel sheets, outdated databases, and a plethora of different individual software packages keep everything together with strings. This creates a complex network of systems that IT has too little insight into.

The strengths of low-code

One of the areas where citizen development excels is administration, data tracking and reporting. Usually, separate applications that run on separate systems are in use. Linking these applications through a low-code platform enables the IT department to control them all centrally.

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Because administrative and reporting software often flies under the radar of IT, there is a chance that solutions will never get produced without citizen developers. Developing a citizen development culture creates a symbiotic relationship between citizen developers and IT professionals that strengthens the entire organisation.

The real power of low-code citizen development lies in the speed of development, the user-friendliness of the low-code platforms and the ease with which the low-code principles are internalised. The wishes and needs of the users are leading. After all, the users are also the developers.

Learning@Work with Nimble

Are you curious about what citizen development can do for your organisation? At Nimble we use the Learning@Work method. Using this method we train your employees to become a team of low-code developers. This in-house development team will steer the digital transition of your organisation. They can also further develop technologies to assist with day-to-day business practises. Do you want to know more about our low-code initiatives? Contact us to find out!