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How hyperautomation enriches your business

Is the future hyperautomated?

Hyperautomation is a term that is increasingly being discussed these days. Gartner even named it one of the top 10 strategic marketing trends of 2020. But what exactly is hyperautomation? And what opportunities does it bring to your organisation?

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What is hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is the automation of as many business processes as possible by using technologies that work together in symbiosis. Examples of these are artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotic process automation (RPA). It is an extension of legacy business process automation that goes beyond individual processes. For example, by combining AI with RPA, it is possible to automate any repetitive task. In advanced cases, it is even possible to automate automation by dynamically discovering business processes and creating bots to automate those.

According to Gartner, RPA enriched with AI and ML, is the core of hyperautomation technology. This combination makes it possible to powerfully and flexibly automate where this was previously not possible, such as in undocumented processes that depend on unstructured data.

The future of RPA

In conclusion, hyperautomation is the next step for robotic process automation. It rides on the momentum of RPA, started by the democratization of IT and accelerated by the elimination of frivolous and repetitive tasks. You could argue that it is a redefinition of work in the traditional sense. It builds on the successes of RPA through its ease of automation and speed of implementation. Also, it’s a proven way to apply AI to improve business processes.

Hyperautomation continues to grow and will become even more extensive in the future by combining even more technologies, such as process mining, natural language processing, and intelligent business management. This will make it increasingly more important in the future, positively impacting even more employees around the world and accelerating the automation of the next generation of business processes.

Hyperautomation at Nimble

We have set our sights on RPA and the future of automation for some time now. We often use combinations of artificial intelligence and RPA at companies that enlist our help. Do you want to know what hyperautomation can mean for your organisation? Let’s plan a meeting to discuss the possibilities together.