RPA consultant and/or developer

We are looking for someone who:

if RPA consultant develops the most amazing robotic processes.

Digitalize, optimize and understanding with what you can improve customer processes. You are the one who sees it and improves it. From smart hands on improvements to more complex solutions, you can do that. Does this fit you, join our team.

We have improvement and working smart programmed in our DNA. As RPA consultant you are the the front of the practical robot solutions. Together with an (international) team of equal minded we strive to fix problems with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


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Blue Prism

Automation Anywhere


Any Other!




What we offer

Nimble Institute develops digital platforms that offer tremendous added value to our customers. This reflects the total IT industry, the infrastructure, execution, management and continues development. This makes that a simplified, powerful and challenging IT-landscape exists. The challenge for Nimble is to standardize all these IT-landscapes. In the future we want to support our customers (a new service with which you are going to contribute to) to bring all these on-premise environments to the cloud and maintain them on distance. This also means migrations to Office 365 and Azure.

Working conditions:

  • Working from home is no issue (actually we love it; we care about results)
  • Option for pension (we pay pension or we give you the possibility to save your own pension)
  • Travel allowence
  • Flexible work hours
  • Holliday pay
  • Lunch (low carb, high carb?)


With your technical skills and enthousiasme you help customers conquer the digital world. Optimizing and speeding up is what we do, you talk with the customer to give the right advice and work on the solution

We look for people that are not afraid to push boundaries in the possibilities of RPA.

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