Project Manager / Consultant Digitalization

We are looking for someone who:

finds it fantastic to take on challenging projects (process and IT related) for national and international organizations, large and med-sized. An allround business management specialist.

What do we expect of you?

  • Project and structured way of work
  • Capable of leading digital projects
  • Likes to know the content and to learn
  • Works together effectively and communicating with all involved parties
  • Customer focused and creative solutions
  • Vocational level and thinking level
  • Affinity with technical (low coding) development system or has the ambitions to learn to work with this
  • Knows how to work with Microsoft Office


Soort dienstverband: 



  • Ambitious and not afraid to take on new challenges;
  • Socially skilled and a good teamplayer
  • No 9-5 mentality;
  • Solution focussed, stress resistant and proactive;
  • A communicator and organisator that works structured;




What we offer

Nimble Institute develops digital platforms that offer tremendous added value to our customers. This reflects the total IT industry, the infrastructure, execution, management and continues development. This makes that a simplified, powerful and challenging IT-landscape exists. The challenge for Nimble is to standardize all these IT-landscapes. In the future we want to support our customers (a new service with which you are going to contribute to) to bring all these on-premise environments to the cloud and maintain them on distance. This also means migrations to Office 365 and Azure.

Working conditions:

  • Working from home is no issue (actually we love it; we care about results)
  • Option for pension (we pay pension or we give you the possibility to save your own pension)
  • Travel allowence
  • Flexible work hours
  • Holliday pay
  • Lunch (low carb, high carb?)


Together with colleagues you work in small teams for national and international top firms, in which you follow the digitalization proces from start to end. Together you create amazing results. Together we look at opportunities that fit with your talents and ambitions.

What we do? That is very diverse and this has to challenge you. Think of customers in healthcare, the government, trading firms, automotive, productive and more. We have no preference.

Together with our customers we look for added value by tackling culture, work processes and the level of digitalization. Every customer is unique, at no customer we do the same. The red line through all projects is people, processes and systems.

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