DASA DevOps certified professional

We are looking for someone who:

A enlightened Dasa DevOps pro and wants to share his, her or its knowledge with the rest of the world!

You are someone with PASSION for DevOps and also likes to share and inspire others! For you DevOps isn’t just a role, but a way of life. You know how to find the right solutions for every problem and shares this with your environment. You are good at making contacts and actively involve people in your actions.

As DevOps consultant you realize digital ambitions of our clients, by offering new products and services, developing and implementing digital infrastructures. You are a bridge between the business and technology, in which you apply your knowledge as well as your personal skills to advice customers. You are well with people, move yourself comfortably in different teams and have a ‘can-do’ mentality in all challenges you encounter.


Soort dienstverband: 



You are a higher vocational education level graduate in technical direction;

You have a minimum of 4 years experience as consultant in the fields of networking (Cisco / Juniper) and automation (Python / Ansible / Puppet) and preferably also cloud (azure / AWS);

You have worked with different products and also have one or multiple certifications in the area of Cisco (DevNet / CCNP), Python (PCAP) and/ or cloud (Azure / AWS);

You like to think outside the box and are a fan of Cisco, Microsoft as well as Open Source;

You speak fluently Dutch as well as English;

You are in posession of a drivers license B.




What we offer

Nimble Institute develops digital platforms that offer tremendous added value to our customers. This reflects the total IT industry, the infrastructure, execution, management and continues development. This makes that a simplified, powerful and challenging IT-landscape exists. The challenge for Nimble is to standardize all these IT-landscapes. In the future we want to support our customers (a new service with which you are going to contribute to) to bring all these on-premise environments to the cloud and maintain them on distance. This also means migrations to Office 365 and Azure.

Working conditions:

  • Working from home is no issue (actually we love it; we care about results)
  • Option for pension (we pay pension or we give you the possibility to save your own pension)
  • Travel allowence
  • Flexible work hours
  • Holliday pay
  • Lunch (low carb, high carb?)


  • You realise LLD & HLD (network) designs and guide from a leading perspective implementions at different Fortune 500 companies;
  • You program and script new tools with the help of Python, Ansible and/or Puppet;
  • You advice customers at technical sparring partner with regard to improvements and know how to translate you actions into simplified English
  • You advice customers in their supplier and vendor selection (ie. Cisco, Microsoft, Linux) and know how to give insights in their costs and gains.
  • You understand the art of stakeholder management and know how to get to the bottom of the business requirements

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