Digital transition

With big steps forward or improving every day and taking small steps. Digital transition is the process in which the organization operates and (at great speed or steadily) transforms into a more digitally driven organization with digitization at the heart of the company. From simply deploying IT to become efficient to living the organization through digital doing and thinking at the core of the company DNA.

Digitization: of vital importance

Whether the company operates large or small, locally or internationally and operates in a sector that is progressive or conservative; digitization affects us all. To a greater or lesser extent, every organization will (have to) develop a digital strategy to defend its right to exist. Of course there are organizations that do not digitize, but check for yourself; these can be counted on 1 hand and are priceless.

Advantages of digital in addition to efficiency and quality?

  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Scalability
  • Compliance

What is digital transition?

Digital transformation is the fundamental change of an organization in terms of developing real digital DNA. This can be done on certain focal points up to digital thinking and doing. The literal implementation of everything that happens outside and within the organization. Think of operational and commercial processes, customer interaction and experience, revenue models, value propositions, business models, and management with / from data / information.

Extensive digital transition transforms the organization into a leading role in the (digital) chain, also called the ecosystem, resulting in an exponential growth of added value with a constant organization (and therefore cost) model.

Digitization on your agenda

As far as we are concerned, not digitizing is not an option: more intensive and faster digitization is a precondition for future success. But how do you approach that as an organization? How do you put added value first and how do you, as an organization, ensure effective development of digital DNA

Together with Nimble we develop the digital strategy for your organization. Fit with the mission and vision of the company, tailored to your product or service and with the depth and speed that suits the company. The connection between people, process and technology is important in a good digital strategy and associated agenda.

Develop a digital vision and agenda

In that connection, having a vision of digitization is an important starting point for success. Along with developing a company-wide digital mindset, it is important to start with the actual application of a digital resource or method.

From the Nimble method to digital transition, how does that work? Together with a core team from your organization, Nimble works successively on a vision of digitization, a program is set up to increase the digital mindset and (only) then does a choice of means and methods to actually initiate the digital transition follow.

Digitale transitie

Examples of our customer cases

  • Manpower (enterprise) 
  • GeesinkNorba (SME) 
  • NMT (Small business)

”Together with Nimble, we developed our digital strategy and digital agenda. A multi-year program with which we have achieved a lasting advantage over the competition at a high speed and appropriate for the organization.”

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