Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI); Human thinking by computers

What AI can do for you

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can execute tasks which normally necessitates human intelligence. Amazing right? That’s we think! In this article we explain to you what we do with AI and how AI can support people, processes and organizations.

Advanced data science

Data science is in the heart of AI. The first step we take is gathering and preparing the data. Next, we clean all redundant data and extract the data to the core, we call this data cleaning. Now the data has to be set into context so that rough data becomes valuable information. We connect the data and search for patterns, relations and causalities to turn information into knowledge. This is what normally our brain would do. AI then takes our brain to a next level. Based on the knowledge the AI generates, supervised or unsupervised learning will be released which will generate unique insights into the data.

SAP Machinelearning

Within SAP it is possible to integrate Machine Learning. This:

  • Causes faster decision making
  • Gains more insights in the data
  • Stimulates efficiency

All with one goal: better results. Machine Learning algorithms recognize the patterns within a dataset much more reliable and fast than a data analist. Of these patterns AI learns new algorithms and these help learning the algorithm to improve. The more data available, the better the AI can learn.


With big data the algorithm can be trained to make predictions based on previously found patterns in the data. This can be based on one variable (univariate) or on multiple variables (multivariate). An example with this is predicting the temperature based on multivariate regressions with variables such as sunbeam intensity, millimeters of rain or the strength of the wind. 


Advanced Data Science

SAP Machine Learning


What is Artifical Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is a program that can observe, reason, act and adjust in a continuous changing environment.
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Algorithms that improve based on the time and data they are exposed to.
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
A subset of Machine Learning in which multiple layered neural networks cooperate based on enormous amounts of data.
Deep Learning

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