Evert van Roekel


As a business administrator, Evert likes to optimize and digitize a process together with the specialists from your organization. With process knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm, he likes to keep going to achieve results

Lisa de Boer

Business Consultant

Lisa is a real technical business administrator concerned with how things can be improved. “Together with colleagues and our customers, I identify, design, automate and transform business processes to a higher level.”

Maarten de Ridder

Business Consultant

Maarten is an expert in the field of digital business platforms and can digitize any process end-to-end. “Working fast and agile on continuous improvement in different organizations, that gives me energy”.

Marco van Pijkeren


Marco specializes in business restructuring and impactful implementations of intelligent automation. The strength of his approach lies in a broad experience and the combination of business administration with IT knowledge.

Mark Merkx

A.I. Consultant

Mark is always looking for new human solutions that we can translate into Artificial Intelligence. “Philosophizing, programming and giving advice is my thing”

Max Lagemann

Business Consultant

Max has a background in business administration, a passion for IT and a focus on user experience and user interface.

Ramiro Gras


Ramiro facilitates the Nimble team and translates Nimble into photography and videos; powerful visualization.

Robin van der Velde


Robin is Nimble’s marketer and is involved in activities to put Nimble on the map.

Willemien van der Woude

Project Consultant

Willemien is an expert in structured working. She helps her colleagues to finish what they started together. “Internal projects have my focus, and I support business operations”.