"We are Business Process Management experts and love #intelligentautomation"

Navigating change, combining the power of people, process and technology.


The people in the organization make transformation happen. Create a mindset with focus on customer value. Nimble drives continuous improvement and organizational learning.

The people in the organization make transformation happen. Nimble drives continuous improvement and organizational learning

Nimble helps your organization shaping into  a future-oriented organization

• Increase the added value of employees within the organization by optimizing and digitizing work processes. Empower the people

• Optimizing and digitizing processes will make your organization scalable and agile

• Transform into a learning organization. Continuous learning is about further expanding the skill-set in response to a changing environment and new developments. Learning will drive engagement and facilitates innovation

• Get the team onboard by quickly by translating the learnings into action, this is the ultimate benefit for customers and your growth


Processes are the heart of your organization. Get more grip on your processes with Nimble to get continuous improvement and innovation in the DNA of your company.

Nimble guides your organization to a continuously improving organization.

• Intelligent organizations see continuous improvement not as a one-off exercise but as a continuous process that requires guidance

• The improvement process is central. Self-managing teams, change and customers are the main drivers for innovation and continuous improvement

• Together with Nimble, choose the improvement method that suits your organization and team best

• Process improvement is most effective when implemented in small steps, speed will drive engagement

• Continuous improvement requires good data and clear KPIs 


Are you leveraging technology appropriately? Nimble connects People and Processes and transforms your organization into a digital business

• Be a Business Process Management driven organization

• Quickly develop and adapt new operating/business models to support innovations in your business. This makes your organization agile

• Use data and context intelligently across the events that define the customer experience

• Connected. Seamlessly orchestrate your people, applications, devices and information on a large scale

• Nimble is certified Bizagi expert. Bizagi is an intelligent Business Process Modeling System

About us

In a fast changing competitive environment businesses need to be streamlined for simplicity in order to be successful. We have learned that business process automation is very quickly becoming a highly strategic enabler of business control and agility.

We are experts in business engineering and (change) management.

Our mission

Nimble’s mission is to guide organizations in change by combining the power of people, process and technology, in other words to help organizations to become Nimble. A Nimble organization can adapt quick and easily to changing needs from clients and stakeholders, without dependence of others or the need for large investments in cash and time. That’s Nimblicity.

Our People & Culture

Nimble is a group of experts. We use various proven methods and technology and work with an international and fixed group of very skilled professionals. We are driven by our enthusiasm and always seek for arguments to motivate each other. Keeping ourselves and our technology state of the art, we aim to bring the best capabilities together to ensure peak performance.

We focus, have fun and drive results and we want our customers to like, trust and value us.


About us