Key consultancy is an organization for designing and implementing an  agile organization, based on the principles of servant leadership and organizing exponentially.  


Key Consultancy was looking for an easy way to conduct various surveys. The wanted interactive surveys in which reports were customer-made and fully automated. Functions that standard survey platforms do not offer, and all for a limited budget.


In order to tailor a plan of action and to start a conversation about the improvement potential of the customer, Key Consultancy has developed two surveys (quick scans) in co-operation  with Nimble.

One to gain insight into where an organization stands in relation to agile organizing and modern, servant leadership and one how agile the organization’s process design is, whether disruptions and waste are experienced and whether employees have enough time to add value.

The quick scans are offered free of charge via the website, are accessible to everyone and are extremely suitable to do as a team. Filling out the online scan takes less than 15 minutes. After the quick scan has been completed, the customer will receive a report in PDF by email.


The surveys enable the organization to collect valuable information via their own website and to send out customer-made reports. From here they are able to give the customer insight into possible opportunities. Key Consultancy uses the scans to tailor a plan of action for the customer and to start a conversation about the organization’s improvement potential.


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