Swisslog Healthcare delivers material transport, medication management and supply chain management solutions that increase efficiency and enhance the patient experience in forward-thinking health systems. 

Swisslog Healthcare is continuously improving their products and services for their customers. They recently successfully implemented a new solution developed by Nimble institute and powered by Bizagi’s BPMS software. The project outcome resulted in fully automated processes for the Inside Sales department. 

Sales automation for our new internal Sales department is mainly about enabling seamless customer engagement and managing the end-to-end execution of incoming requests in a structured and effective manner.


Swissslog Healthcare experienced growth through acquisitions, this led towards fragmented processes and IT systems. On EMEA level there was no standard process for handling quotations for smaller deals. At Swisslog Healthcare the sales reps were managing many opportunities by navigating through different departments and systems with many touch points and hand-offs. There was 60% time spend on non- business added value tasks with the risk of mistakes and losing focus on deals and customers. This resulted in an average lead time for sending quotations to customers in their installed base of 42 days on average. There was a strong need to create an Inside Sales department focusing on the smaller deals to serve customers better and have the outside sales team focusing on finding new customers and larger orders. This required an enterprise application to automate the process, reduce waste and inconsistencies. 


Nimble institute worked with the team to analyze the current processes and was the catalyst for creative design thinking to ensure to create the best design, optimize and automate the processes with the low coding BPMS software from Bizagi. Resulting in connecting and streamlining the functions responsible for fulfilling the customer needs. A bi- directional connection to the existing and Navision CRM system was made. Due to the contextual representation of data in Bizagi the team has a significant time saving of entering data in the CRM. The system provides real time KPI’s and monitoring to manage the Inside Sales team efficiently through a single platform with access anywhere. The process automation allows inside sales to quickly convert leads into revenue and through that, satisfying Swisslog Healthcare’s customer needs with confidence. 

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Swisslog Healthcare is proud of the remarkable results. Based on this, they decided to expand the concept across the EMEA region where now there is standardization in all Inside Sales teams. Calculation models are now centrally managed resulting in risk reduction of errors in quotations. Due to the integration with SAP, and Navision reduction of time in entering data in systems is reduced by 30%. All above resulted as well in decreased lead time for quotations by 50% by reducing waste and unnecessary handovers. The implemented learning at work methodology ensures continuous improvement. 

The Bizagi Sales Automation software allowed us to automate routine tasks, resulting in faster response times for customers and a more controlled workload in my team.