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The Government Cleaning Organization (RSO) urgently needed automated solutions, in-house development and management. Nimble has supported RSO with the realization of a digital platform, the training of a team of developers and the guidance in the field of change management. Independence in innovation has many advantages, such as not being dependent on various external parties. Nimble worked together with RSO to combine the essential elements within the organization in order to guarantee the Nimblicity concept. 


RSO is a professional cleaning service provider from and for the Dutch government, where pleasant and clean workplaces are the key objective. Since 2016, the RSO team has ensured that their colleagues from the Dutch government can work in a clean, healthy and pleasant place. In this young organization, business processes had to be structured in an organized manner by means of digitization. Since the work processes are experiencing rapid changes, it was necessary to develop the application in-house. 


RSO noticed that the lack of well-organized work processes led to inconsistent and lost data. Due to this, miscommunication arose about the current projects and everyone’s responsibilities. There was an urgent need for a clear structure in order to improve work processesExamples are the excessive use of e-mails and Excel lists. 


At RSO, the “Learning at Work” method has been applied, in which Nimble has trained a selected number of RSO employees into a team of developers. This team, together with Nimble, held several creative sessions to outline the ideal working process. With the help of Nimble, the team elaborated these processes into a digital platform via Bizagi. After performing user acceptance tests and implementing the feedback, the application was introduced to all employees. RSO needs flexible business processes which are easy to adjust to ensure that solutions can be implemented quickly. That is why a Short Cyclic Delivery Method is used. A new release of functionalities takes place every two weeks. This method ensures that adjustments can be made quickly based on user satisfaction. Totally agile and prepared for the future. 


Since the introduction of the application, RSO has experienced better coordination between different departments, reduced lead times for quotations, and more convenience in the preparation of emails and templates. The Bizagi digital platform records metadata, so employees are constantly informed about who is working on a project and in which phase the project is at. Besides that, it provides insight into the amount of time spent on tasks. As a result, possible improvements in the work process arise and lead times are shortened. The result: better grip on the organization. 

We are proud that RSO shows that through the Learning at Work method organizations are not committed to expensive consultants to manage digital business processes and to monitor the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the applications. RSO manages the digital platform entirely in-house. As a result, they are not dependent on an external IT company and can quickly switch to the needs of users. 

An application was realized within the national environment in no time, fully in accordance with all applicable AVG rules. That was quite a challenge because of the well-secured systems that had to be linked to the digital business platform.