Geesinknorba is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of world-class, fit-for-purpose waste management solutions.
In addition to the focus on continuously improving their products, Geesinknorba also focuses on continuously improving itself as an organization.



In their factory 99% of the units are customized. Geesinknorba is always trying to meet the customer’s needs. This dramatically increases the complexity in the manufacturing process since they have around 110 units of work in progress. The wish was to create a match between customer needs, product needs with their operating systems and to have strict control over the production line. That’s why we established an integrated quality assurance solution!


Together with Geesinknorba we implemented realtime root cause analysis (RCA) and automated their end-to-end process to continuously capture relevant (meta) data and identify opportunities. This is part of Geesinknorba’s digital vision to realize quality & compliance, create transparency and improve efficiency in order to reduce indirect headcount and increase productivity on direct workforce. We realized this by digitizing processes and connecting applications (including SAP) through a single platform which can easily adapt to changing needs both internal and external. As a result, the business is put in control to manage chassis and units throughout the end-to-end process. Supported by smart quality processes, homologation (granting of approval by official authorities) and handover to the customer including a secured CE certificate. All accessible through iPads! Every unit or workplace has his own iPad with its contextual information and measurements. We are using Bizagi integrated with their SAP ERP-system and a powerful overlay dashboard that made all procedures and processes ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 compliant.


Through this implementation we reduced throughput time and increased efficiency and output significantly. And, last but not least, the improvements are contributing to Geesinknorba’s sustainability goals saving up to 600.000 A4 papers per year and 3 indirect FTE who do not need to do handling of physical papers anymore.