To make the world a better and sustainable place to live, GeesinkNorba supplies highly advanced waste management products and services. In addition to the focus on continuously improving their products, GeesinkNorba also focuses on continuously improving itself as an organization. In a dedicated project, GeesinkNorba has managed to profile itself in a unique position on the market. Together with Nimble Institute, a new solution was successfully implemented that is powered by low-code BPMS software to build smart production in smart units and fully integrate this with the SAP ERP. 


In the factory of GeesinkNorba 99% of the units are customized. They are trying to always meet the customer needs. This dramatically increases the complexity in the manufacturing process since they have around 110 units of work in progress. The need was to create a match between the customer needs, product needs with their operating systems and to have strict control over the production line. GeesinkNorba was looking for intelligent, good processes to match lead times and functionality. 


Nimble institute worked with the team to analyze the current processes and was the catalyst for creative design thinking to ensure to create the best design, optimize and automate the processes with low coding BPMS software. Resulting in connecting the production systems through a single platform with access anywhere. Now the smart units can adjust the routings they have and start simultaneously different production steps at the same time. It considers the supply side, lead time and capacity and will always take the best decision based on machine learning. 

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After only a few months, they are proud of the extraordinary results. They have now reduced turnaround time, increased efficiency by 20% and output by 15%. This is partly due to the changes that have been implemented in the workplace. Nowadays there is worked with tablets where previously there was worked with paper. These results are very interesting to the customers, it gives them more flexibility to get their highly customized product in a very efficient way. 

This will bring GeesinkNorba to a unique market position.
David Arfmann