Our success stories


Process innovation at RSO

The Government Cleaning Organization (RSO) urgently needed automated solutions, in-house development and management. Nimble has supported RSO with the realization of a digital platform, the training of a team of

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Remarkable results at Swisslog Healthcare

Swisslog Healthcare delivers material transport, medication management and supply chain management solutions that increase efficiency and enhance the patient experience in forward-thinking health systems.  Swisslog Healthcare is continuously improving their products and services for their customers. They

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Dutch Radiator Factory

NRF is known worldwide for its cooling systems and radiators, which are used in almost all machines and engines in which cooling is required. An outdated and complex ERP system

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Efficiency boost at Motrac Linde

MotracLinde was founded in 1954 and has been a leader in internal logistics solutions ever since.  Due to their large network and technologically advanced products, they belong to the top in the Netherlands, with now

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Realizing a structured business process

Realizing a structured business process Loads of Excel lists, hundreds of e-mails and a lack of exchange of information which is generated in these processes, most organizations know the struggle. Organizations are often already trying

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