Time savings with a product configurator

Swisslog Healthcare is known worldwide for its complete package of health care solutions and automations. The products are offered worldwide through a model of centrally managing results and local representation of business units or working with agents.


To be able to offer the products to the market in a structured manner, Swisslog Healthcare has asked Nimble to create a sales configurator for Evotech for a number of its products. Quotations took a long time to create, files often contain calculation errors, compiling documents is expensive and there is insufficient structure in retrieving approvals. Particularly in situations where external agents make an offer that could have a significant impact on Swisslog Health’s risk profile.


The solution to this is a product configurator that is also able to generate complex and interactive quotation files, with all product features, but also the contractual forward payment terms, guarantees and conditions. In addition, an integral approval flow is integrated, on the basis of which agents can also work completely independently and automatically request approval from the central management of Swisslog.


This solution means that offers can be made in 30 minutes instead of 2.5 hours. This is an 80% effective time saving. In addition, the sales funnel has been made fully transparent and the risks of incorrect offers have been reduced by almost 99%.