RPA-driven API for integrations with Microsoft AX

Microsoft AX is known as a widely used ERP system and also has the limitations as we know them from most ERP systems.

Connectivity at the heart of the application is difficult or impossible to achieve. Flexibility with regard to adapting processes after advice from the organization: very cost-intensive and often organizations are excluded from future updates of the AX platform due to the adaptations.


The challenge is to find a solution in which AX can be used in its strength as an ERP and in which the flexibility and competitive distinction made by the company that uses AX as an ERP system is maximally facilitated.


The solution for integrations lies in applying an RPA robot that is able to intelligently read out AX and transfer information either through an API, through a transfer file or through an artificial manual operation , to tap into another system.


This reduces dependency on AX, reduces costs for APIs by up to 75% and increases the speed of implementation by a factor of 4.