Making documents accessible through smart processes

The Royal Library, or Koninklijke Bibliotheek in dutch (KB), is known for its wide range of special, national-related works. The library has an extensive collection of special pieces, which it would like to share with the public upon request and as much as possible.


For the distribution of these documents and for bearing the costs of the organization behind the Royal Library, the library was looking for a digitized process for ordering, consulting and sending requests by customers. The challenges for the library are the integral set-up of a library distribution process that can be used to log in with generic login accounts, in this case Facebook, pieces that are available in high resolution in a specific file format within the library and can distribute these to customers, including supervision on payment and communication with a payment platform based on iDEAL.


For the Royal Library, Nimble Institute built a platform on which users can log in using generic accounts (Facebook log in, Google, Microsoft, etc.) and make a selection from the total library of the Royal Library, which is accessible by means of an API with the KB database. The user is able to select a request, which is picked up by a staff member of the library. The library has chosen not to make the files available directly to the internet. This is a security principle. The files are selected and then converted to PDF format via a web API and automatically sent by e-mail after payment by the client.


The result is an integrated and secure distribution system for large files in tiff format which, using tools available online, are compressed and converted and distributed securely after payment. The Royal Library had the opportunity to speed up the previously manual process and to reduce the process time by more than 90%. The accessibility of titles in the public domain has increased sales.