How we keep our promises

We give commitment to outcome, budget and timeline within our projects. Challenge the establishment and do better!

Nimble Institute has two offices, one in the Netherlands and one in India. Our development team is based in India. Working together with an offshore partner can be a challenge to manage all projects and teams. For example, communication can be a challenge due to the great distance and cultural differences.

That’s why we established digital platform ‘FFS’ and set up the ‘Nimble Technology Centers’!


FFS stands for FulFillment Stream. FFS is an eco-system we created for planning, organizing and managing our projects from start to finish. With FFS you gain insight into hours, budgets, progress and results. FFS makes all your projects easily manageable and provides the information you need.  

FFS consists of a structured process. The structure is based on the well-known scrum method combined with our own insights. Internal we are doing several sprints, daily stand-ups, weekly catch-ups, etc. Together with the client, we create SOWs, epics, user stories, tickets, tasks / decisions and we hold meetings. All appointments, tasks, time registrations etc. can be recorded in FFS. 

With FFS we plan, organize and manage projects in one central environment! 

Nimble Technology Centers

 With the Technology Centers (TC), we actively manage and develop the technologies and associated resources within our projects. By monitoring technical developments in the market, with the help of the TC, we supervise current knowledge and skills to apply this knowledge and works the team on the corresponding attitude. This allows an employee to take ownership and contribute the right knowledge, energy and quality. In short, with the Technology Centers we realize management and development of the individual and the team in order to challenge the market. 

With the Nimble way of working, we keep our promises!