Data-driven steel cutting logistics at IHC Metalix B.V.

IHC Metalix B.V. is known worldwide for qualities and experience in the production of shipbuilding packages, from simple barges to complex maritime work ships and the world’s most luxurious yachts.


Due to the large variation in work offer, IHC Metalix B.V. found a challenge in streamlining and properly managing both the prefabrication and production equipment. This from the supply of basic material, steel plates and profiles, up to and including production and sorting, in such a way that it directly matches the building methods at the customers , the yards all over the world.


Nimble Institute has mapped out the exact cutting time and production time of sheet metal parts based on algorithms. Where previously the control was based on the number of tons per sheet, now the actual processing time is controlled. This is a much clearer indicator. Because the processing time is known, it can be determined at the front of the process how the basic material (the plates) should enter the production hall. By planning this intelligently and with a smart logarithm, the situation arises that after the cutting process parts can be sorted immediately in the right place. The number of operations is thus minimized and, because the cutting time is visible to the minute, the planning and output of the factory can be predicted and planned much better. A big step forward in controlling the production process for IHC Metalix B.V. The progress of the production has been made transparent, not only for the internal organization but also for customers. Customers have direct insight into production progress. This reduces the pressure on the project organization, because the demand from customers for the expected delivery time of parts is no longer relevant, because an online portal has been set up for this purpose.


Based on this solution, the following results have been achieved:

  • Increasing production by more than 40% output due to less waiting time behind the machines.
  • An improvement of the workload per department because the exact production volumes delivered in terms of production time are transparent.
  • Delivery reliability has improved by 60% as customers also gained direct insight into the progress of production.
  • Reducing the pressure on the project group regarding delivery appointments.